Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Lately been working my butt off trying hard to save, it's so hard to save when I love to shop for makeup and of course clothes, sighs. Life is okay I still feel something is missing apart of me is. I just found out that the dmv paper for me to get my drivers licence expire. Which means I need to retake 6hours course to get the paper work, then back to the dmv cause that paper been 6 months or so. I'm really hoping I get my drivers licence so I can do more stuff and get things done and etc. It's so hard having a car but I can't drive it sucks real bad. I hope someone wish me luck because I think I need that then anything. On the other hand the guy that has a crush on me hasn't call since the last time. I hope he moves on not like I don't want to give a try, but I just want to be single for now after last heart break 2 years ago I'm not looking forward anything, but school and getting to drive.

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