Saturday, July 18, 2009

Father & I

My father and I had a distance since my mom passed away. He's always been working and so am I. We have nothing to talk about till today we spend a father and daughter time. He ask me where I will like to go eat and we went to an Asian Restaurant. Started off weird silents. It was so quite we could hear other families covo. Until we started a subject so hows life, I guess that's how I'm going to put it. Its weird, I thought our covo wouldn't last but it has. We talk to one subject to the next, till he brought up a covo telling me about his gf I was like ugh. After that we talked about family problems that been ignored for a while now. We ate and talk I couldn't believe that can happen. I felt better after we talked its been forever since we got along or hold a covo. It's started off weird on the way him I told him a few weeks before my mom's 5Th year I had a dream about her. He was like really I was like yes, and he ask me where she was, it was a weird dream and she was happy she smiled the whole time,we ate at my work place which is an Italian restaurant.She smiled the whole time I told him. He says thats good at least we know that shes happy now and no longer sad. When my mother was living she was at times sad and stress alot. I wish she let me see her agains because thats the best dream ever gething to see her.Mom, dad and I is starting to get along now you should rest in peace, I miss you and forever love you deep in my heart.

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  1. girl you always write such deep thoughts. i understand how it is to have no relationship with a Dad. Geez at least you and your Dad have eaten together. The last time I sat next to my Dad in Dinner was probably 3 years ago when my Sister graduated nursing. My Dad and I never eat out either. we never just talk. our longest convo is like maybe 10 mins tops like 2-3 times a week. I think the most time I talk to him is when something breaks or when my car is acting up and if he could fix it. it is really sad and it makes me sad, but at least i try.