Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I don't know what to do. When someone calls you suppose to call them back right? He call again and this time left,me a voicemail asking me to call him back. I feel like if I was to call him back I would be stuck, and wanting to be in a relationship with him as he want me to be his gf. I mean I'm not looking forward to call him back nor am I wanting to be in a relationship. I seen like I have too much in my hands to be in one. Plus he is gonna be away for college. I know I can't put my life in order the way I wanted to be.My friends telling me to call back and talk to him but i don't know whats stoping me.

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  1. it's really weird that our Dad's went for some person that is young enough to be their kids! yes, we do have to somewhat understand it, we may NEVER EVER agree with what our fathers do, but really we just have to understand. Well, I told my Dad he can date but he fcken doesnt need to be married. If the girl wants to get married then you are stupid because she just wants to get petition and is definitely using you... I don't think my Dad will petition her anytime soon, I don't think he will get married too, and I hope I am right. Honestly, my Dad has a GREAT job, he is VERY educated college graduate. I'm not going to lie, my Dad makes good money. So I'm not surprised if some girl wants to use him..

    This girl my Dad is dating is some girl who doesn't go to school. lives in poverty and sells in those markets, side vendors! Her family has nothing is what I heard.

    How long has your Dad been dating her? My Mom passed away aboout 3 years ago, and my Dad has been with this girl for 2 yrs plus. It's so awkward, A LOT of people ask me how do I feel that my Dad's GF is my age? It's sick ofcourse!