Friday, July 10, 2009

Missed Calls.

Wonder what make you still thinking bout me,I can see that you care threw those missed calls I get from you.I was always else-where when the phone vibrates,you maybe on the line wondering what I'm up to, what I'm doing? why I ain't answering?my heart doesn't beat fast nor did it stop, it on paste.I don't wanna be lost in your sweetest words made me feel like I found the right soundtrack to my ears.that is so UN-real,wonder why don't u stop wasting your time on me and find a better girl.Your time is worth doing something batter than spending that last min,last hour calling me.I know your might be looking into your phone wondering when I'm call you back.I wanna say look on,forward and stop calling, I'm not the girl you want and need in your problems are to0 much and so UN-prefect, for a guy like you to the end of the day u got me wondering got me thinking bout the way we met, the way we talked on the phone.Every time I look at the cell one missed call and I know is you. I know all I gots to do is to click call back and then ill prob. find my happiness,I'm one click away to find the prefect boyfriend as if I was in heaven,cause the way you look at me, the way u want me, is so UN-true and its just right those eyes of yours, I know you truly like me, truly care,truly want to be mine and only.But boy I don't know you coming in my life too soon to fast.Its so UN-expected.If I answer that phone call it can, be hey boo,honey,baby,and its no longer gonna be hey what you doing whats up? b/c picking up that phone will change our lives together.I don't know what I'm doing is right or wrong someone told me I can't put life in the order I want,but who knows.If you are listening I wanna tell you that I do miss Ur voice,and the way you smile.I'm sorry if I'm acting selfish towards our feelings.I never been so lost and deep.I see how much you want too.I don't wanna stop you from going because I wouldn't want you to stop my dreams.I know your the guy that can take away the past and ease all the pain I had and bring me the a brighter and better life.I'm sorry love I don't wanna hurt you because I think you going to like me and give me more than, I can give out to you I don't want to hurt you.<3

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  1. yea it is very hard to live life without a mom. my mom and i use to always call each other bestfriends. I was very much a momma's girl, i looked forward to helping her do chores and cook. i mean, the weird part is all my life my dad was a workaholic so i honestly don't ever have anything to talk to him about. i live with my dad, but we don't talk at all. i try to talk to him here and there, but it could get awkward lol.

    gosh girl, when i have classmates/friends/people who complain about their like, you know you should be thankful you have a mom because those fights with my mom, i miss them too =/ today at work my coworkers were talking about their mom, i couldnt join the conversation, it was hard for me =(